Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Nat'l Day on Writing 2017: Writing Marathon, Section 2 (8:30-9:45)

In honor of the National Day on Writing (October 20, 2017), you participated in a "writing marathon" during class on October 19. The result was a passage of polished writing for you to share with students from another section of College Composition I.

First, write a comment on this blog post in which you share that polished work of writing from the October 19 writing marathon. Before clicking the "Publish Your Comment" button, you will be asked to "Choose an identity."
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  • Please do not click "Anonymous." That would not allow me to know who posted the writing, so I wouldn't be able to give you credit for your work!
This ^ first part (posting your own writing) is due at the end of class on October 19.

Second, visit the blog post that features the writing marathon selections from another section of College Composition I. Click here to go to that blog post and read those students' writing.

From that post, select one student's writing sample that you like. Write a comment on that blog post that does these things:
  1. names the writer upon whose writing you wish to comment;
  2. provides some compliments on that student's writing; and
  3. cites at least one detail from that student's writing and tells what is "good" about that aspect of his or her writing (e.g., "Pat, I especially like your line about the sun's 'burning through the canopy of leaves overhead' because it's such a clear detail. I can clearly visualize the morning sun's rays coming through the leaves of the trees near King Pavilion.").
This ^ second part (commenting on the writing of a student from another class) is due a half-hour before the start of class on October 24.


Bryce VaughAn said...

Kings Pavilion
This is one of my favorite places on campus. My first impression is that it reminds me of a beautiful camping area. Where there is wildlife everywhere. It even has that cold strong scented breeze in the morning that wakes you up instantly and smells like tree sap. The mood itself is very content. Nothing needs to be changed. It makes me want to be back home. It has the feeling of when you wake up and know it’s going to be a good day. With the seasons changing it makes even more emotions with the leaves falling and adding color to the surrounding area. The overall feeling is pure joy.

Rachel Andrus said...

1. Art Gallery

As we walked into the art gallery, the first and most intriguing piece to catch my eye was a story quilt. I cannot help but wonder who the author of this quilt was and what each square says about them. There are a lot of flowers and natural elements, each hand stitched together and combined with drawings. The background is green with a very intentional red ribbon of trim.
It is so eye-catching, and it speaks to me a great deal because my mom quilts. I grew up watching her piece together and stitch quilt after quilt. Each block in this quilt calls to me, beckons me with questions. I want to know what each part means.
I believe story quilts are a wonderful representation of human beings. From the colors to the blocks, backing and stitching, they truly are as complex and multifaceted as we are.

Melissa said...

I hear the noise of an engine. I can smell the exhaust coming from it. It reminds me of summers at the motocross races. I can hear the birds chirping around me. I feel the sun making my back warm. I notice the senescence taking place around this time of year. The bench I'm sitting at feels smooth to the touch. It's cold as I'm sitting on it. I feel relaxed being outside. The air around me is cool. It still has that morning feel to it.

Austin said...

The Art Gallery
My first overall impression is there is so much talent in this room. It is a very quiet and peaceful place. The environment is very calming and soothing. A person can feel a lot of passion in this room. All of the other students are taking in the beautiful sights. The effort truly does show and is very inspiring. One can truly get lost in their imagination here.

Bailey Smith said...

My first impression of the King Pavilion Lawn, was that it reminds me of Lawrence Park, which is a park in my hometown, Kalispell. Lawrence Park is a big area of grass and trees where people go to play folf, ultimate Frisbee, football, volleyball, and any other kind of game you can imagine. Both Kings Pavilion Lawn and Lawrence Park have the pavilions where people gather for parties, events, or just to barbeque with friends. The mood at Kings Pavilion is more peaceful then the mood at Lawrence, because at Lawrence you make the mood whatever you want it to be. At both areas you can hear traffic from the town but that never seems to bother anyone because everyone is too busy with whatever they are doing. The trees here on campus are more organized and looked like they were placed on the lawn, whereas at Lawrence park the trees are random and you can tell were there long before the park was. Everyone minding their own business and having fun is one more similarity both areas have.

Matt said...


A library is no longer the same to me as it used to be. Back in high school, during study hall, I used to go the library each day. I went to do two things. First to read and second to sleep. However, even if I did go to read, most of the time I read fall asleep in the middle of reading. It was a place to relax for me. A place to get away from class. A place I was not productive in the slightest.

Now it is a place where I go to study and work. A place I go to and accomplish more than what I had planned. It is no longer a place to relax, but a place to get stuff done. A place that I go to just to be productive. A place I went to sleep because it was quiet and now a place to focus because it's quiet.

Kace Crain said...

The front lawn of DSU seems almost frozen in time. No animals are moving, and the only sounds are rustling of paper and a super loud garden tractor. Some of the trees are turning orange and yellow and the rest of the fiery colors of fall and the picnic table I’m sitting on is absolutely freezing, so we must be into fall with winter soon approaching. It’s been about 5 minutes now and the cart is still as noisy as ever. Sitting at this table and being able to see the heritage center makes me think about the 20,000 other students who’ve probably sat here, and the similarities and differences between us. Now that the tractor has left he’s been replaced by distant bird noises, and it was nothing but an improvement for the mood. Right before we left it was back to being a peaceful scene.

Walter Wood said...

The gentle breeze with a chill. The sun shining through the trees casting shadows upon us. The birds chirping just loud enough to hear over the traffic. When I took away the buildings and the traffic this spot reminded me of two back in Polson.
The first is Beotcher Park. The sun shining through the tress was almost a complete replica of what it's like standing in the park. The birds chirp intensely all morning long.
The other spot is Sacajawea Park. There are also trees here but what reminded me most of this spot was the open field of grass and the cement walkway traveling down the middle.
Both these spots borders the lake and when you stand on the edge of the land or on the docks, you feel the wonderful breeze coming in. Sitting in the park helped me picture sitting in one of the parks sitting under a tree with a gentle breeze rattling the leaves while the birds sing their songs.

Julian Knight said...

Within the room we rested various pieces of artwork hung on the walls. Many of the images portrayed differing ideas and emotions to their neighbors beside them. From landscapes to abstract shapes and colors, they all assaulted my field of vision. Some seemed too loud and busy while some others looked inviting, but one piece catches my eye.
When you first enter the spacious room, you are unable to see it. It rests upon an easel behind one of the columns in the room. I am not entirely sure what medium was used to create such a work, but it appeared as some sort of paint. The picture depicts a sort of stone passageway with a window at the end of its short corridor. The window gives way to a luscious green forest with foliage all around.
The overall mood of the peace is calm and relaxing to me. The structure appears sturdy and worn over time, but welcoming with the pleasant view from the window. It appears as a place I would someday like to traverse. It would be an adventure to walk with the stone and marvel at its beauty. It would feel free to be lost in an age before my own where modern technology didn’t exist and people lived much simpler lives.

Mary Joy Limpot said...

2, outside/nature area.


That was the first thing that I felt when we went outside. I have never been out for too long because I was occupied with school, so staying outside for a good 15 minutes felt nice. I can hear the tweeting of the birds. I can hear the sound of an engine, the cars that pass by on the nearby street; I can hear a beeping sound which I did find quite annoying. However, the place was still soothing—peaceful. While I was standing there, looking around, it reminded me of that time when we went on a retreat in high school and my friends, and I would gather around a nearby tree and talk. I missed it.

Hardika said...

DSU Art Gallery.
This was my first visit to the art gallery in DSU. I had heard a lot about the beautiful pieces of paintings it has but I could never make time to go there. This morning as I was going to various paintings hanging in the wall and one of them immediately caught my attention. It was familiar, it looked like home. When I went closer, I found that the painting demonstrated my motherland- Nepal. The painter had done a magnificent job painting the mount Everest and the village close to it. I felt so proud and happy. Proud because painters from the other side of the world are visiting my country and creating art that is related to my country. Happy because I realized how beautiful Nepal is and how terribly I miss home. That painting made me remember the snow-capped mountains we have, rivers, green hills, farms, trees and those houses! The rush of missing home brought tears to my eyes. This painting clearly depicts the beauty of my wonderful land, but for me it’s more than that, it’s home far away from home. I am grateful to whoever painted this; S/she brought my home from the other side of the globe to my campus.

Jasmine Northrop said...

Kings Pavilion

I'm sitting outside May Hall right by the walk path that trees are hovering over and I feel very relaxed. The weather is beautiful, a little breeze that feels great blowing through my hair, the sun on my back and it is keeping me warm. All the pretty leaves have fallen off the trees so it's a little dull looking, this is the part of autumn I do not like. I wish the trees would stay that pretty orange, brown, and purple color all year long. I hear a dog barking, it must be a small dog because it has a high pitch bark? There is construction going on a few streets away, the beeping from the machinery is very loud. Maybe that is what the dog is barking at? People are pulling up to campus and parking their cars getting ready to go to class. There are people leaving getting into their cars and leaving campus, I kind of wish I could do that right now too.

Landen said...

Bryce, I really enjoyed how you painted a picture with your writing. I especially liked how you mentioned the "strong scented breeze" and wildlife in the paragraph, because in my mind I could clearly see and smell exactly what you were describing.

Rupa Sharma said...

I totally agree with you . I love the way you write . when i saw that painting i was also having same feelings like you . I missed my motherland and the village near the Mount Everest.It is kind of flash back to the movement that i spent in the Mount Everest camping . That painting was adorable. I like to thank to the painter who make such a beautiful painting and try to convey the beauty of Nepal.

Akintunde Ibikunle said...

Julian, you have a very well organized writing. I like the way you painted the picture of the Art Gallery and even one who hasn't be there can relate with it very easily. I also like how you expressed how "the stone passageway" painting made you feel, especially the sentence "it would feel free to be lost in an age before my own where modern technology didn’t exist and people lived much simpler lives". I felt similarly as well.

Ingrid Niyimbona said...

Artistic room

That place was very quiet like there is nobody inside the room, so I was interested because I like quiet places, they made me feel a great peace in my mind. When I got inside, I was surprised to see the decoration which was amazing. On the walls they were too many artistic paintings which are beautiful. Some of them made me feel like I was outside between too many trees, smelling their odors, doing a meditation and feeling that peace of mind.
There was one painting board that I saw with a sewing machine picture, and it made me remember my country where I come from because we used a lot the same kind of machine in sewing. At time, I got a lot of memories because I was also wearing one of my clothes that has been made in my country by using the sewing machine. I felt sad because I miss my friends from my country. While I was turning my eyes I saw another beautiful picture with houses and plenty of mountains behind them, it made me remember my village in my country where there are nice mountains with too many trees, everything is green. For me, it was a lucky day because I saw great paintings and had beautiful memories.

Karson Backer said...

Austin, I agree with what you said about the art gallery so much. That place was so full of great art. I very much enjoyed looking at the pieces I got a chance to check out. What you said about all the talent in the room is an understatement. I am so jealous of those that have artistic abilities because drawing, painting, and other means seem so fun.

Rupa Sharma said...

"Hardika ,I totally agree with you .I love the way you write .When I saw the painting I was also have same feeling like you .In this sentence "I found the painting demonstrated my motherland -Nepal " I like that sentence because i can clearly visualize your love towards your country. In fact I also missed my motherland and the village near the Mount Everest.It was like a flash back to the movement that I spend in the Mount Everest camping last year. I also agree with your sentence "I felt so proud and happy ". That painting was adorable . I also like to thanks to the painter who make such a beautiful painting and covey the beauty of Nepal to the world .

Paris Schaefer said...


I enjoyed the details within your paragraph. I especially enjoyed your description of the leaves: "the rest of the fiery colors of fall and the picnic table I’m sitting on is absolutely freezing". It allowed me to picture them as though they were burning with a passionate presence that I could visualize in my head. The description of the coldness of the table even sent a chilly shiver down my spine!

Alexis Bohl said...

Mary Joy,

The way that you wrote your passage was very detailed, it felt like I was there with you. I liked how you included the beginnings of a personal story. I especially liked your opening sentence. "Cold." That is absolutely phenomenal! It's such a cool opening and forces you to pause and think about all of the possible meanings of that word before you move on.

McKenna said...

Mary Joy,

I appreciated that you connected your present with your past. It gave me a sense that you were feeling nostalgic and it felt relatable because I feel the same way when I am outside on a fall day. I also really liked the way you started your paragraph. The word "Cold" helped me understand what you were feeling the whole time as you were writing about your experience outside. I thought you did very well describing what you felt and what you heard. I could clearly picture what you were writing about in my head.

Marissa Schroeder said...

Bailey Smith,

I enjoy your writing because I am able to relate to it. I have an aunt that lives in Kalispell and I am able to understand what you are talking about. I like that you commented on the tree's being more in line at the pavilion versus Lawrence park this gives me a clearer picture of what you are trying to bring across.

Carrie Nagle said...


I really liked your paragraph. You were very descriptive and it made me feel like I was there standing in Lawrence Park. You had good details for example the sound of the traffic and commenting on the trees.

Jameson Crisafulli said...

Bryce Vaughan,

I really enjoyed how you related the Kings Pavilion to wildlife. When you said, "cold strong scented breeze", I could see myself sitting at one of the picnic tables enjoying a sunny fall day. It too gives me the feeling of home and reminds me how much I want to be there somedays.

Tony Kluver said...

Bryce, I really enjoyed your comment about the Kings Pavilion reminding you or nature. I especially liked when you said "that cold strong scented breeze." When I read that it made my think of being at home and waking up and going outside in the morning. Great work!

Ron Short said...

Kase, I thought you did a really good job giving details about where you were. When you said " The DSU front lawn almost seems frozen in time." It really gave a good perspective on what you were seeing.

Alex Ross said...

When I first walked into the art gallery I was met by vibrant colors and in depth designed quilts. The talent needed to produce the beautiful quilts is very impressive. Each quilt offered its unique style and description. When looking for afar you could notice interesting details, and the closer you got to the quilt the more in depth detail you could notice from the artists.

Jon said...

I like your story you wrote I can visualize and relate to what you wrote. I like how you mention the construction going on in the background when I was there I heard the same thing.